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, well i did it for ford in '76, but then again for george w. bush in 2000. i had a couple calls from prominent politicians who would say it would help me in my race back home if i was on the list. you are on the list. then somebody could leak the fact that they were on the list. but that was the big list. it was easy to get on the big list. the tough part is the small list. the one that is really under active consideration. and the test to get on the small list has to be is this person capable of being president of the united states. that's usually a very, very short list. >> what about the other considerations? can you bring a state? can you -- reach out to a specific demographic, woman, hispanic? >> those are important issues. but they should never be allowed to override the first proposition. and i think that, that was one of the problems mccain had. i like governor palin. i have met her the i know her. she is an attractive candidate. but based on her background she had only been governor for two years. i don't think she passed that test. >> being ready? >> being ready to take ove
for re-election. and there was also then-governor george w. bush, his hands touching the wall. other famous faces elizabeth taylor, richard burton in 1975. and in 2000, ailing pope john paul ii made an historic trip, attempting to build a stronger relationship with catholics and jews, we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood to the people. two more prayers added with quiet wishes from america. mr. and mrs. romney, writing the prayers together, adding to so many powerful moments at the western wall. david muir, abc news, jerusalem. >> and, again this is just about halfway through his international tour. he said, he said yesterday, that preventing iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities that is going to be his highest national security priority. >> right. and david, part of the interview, pressed him, said your strategy in terms of iran, israel doesn't seem too different from how the obama administration handed it. we will see if there is a strict difference here. some have been critical saying, israel, american tensions have never been worse than right now. so he is trying
george w. bush will not be attending the republican convention next month. he said he prefers to stay out of politics. what did he call it -- >> getting out of the swamp not crawling back in. but his wife laura stepped into the public eye, in washington, attending a conference on aids. >> reporter: i was surprised to see that neither you or president bush are going to the republican convention. >> that's right. >> reporter: why is that? >> both bushs are not going. george's dad played the age card. he loves to say that. we just felt like we will, be watching from the sidelines. >> reporter: she is not afraid to talk on republican whose want to cut foreign aid. >> it's in our moral interest as a country. the wealthiest country in the world. and we still are the wealthiest country in the world to -- to help other people if we can. >> reporter: as president her husband launched a $15 billion effort to fight aids in africa something that caused elton john this week to tell us bush had done more to fight aids than any other president. >> i didn't like his policies. when i met him i found him c
victim to safety. the story behind this escape. >> wow. >>> also this half hour, george w. bush opening up in a wide ranging interview. what does the former president mean when he says he crawled out of the swamp and he's not crawling back in. >> and later, iron mike tyson is hitting something new. the great white way. yes. you'll hear from the heavyweight legend getting ready for his broadway debut. stepping into a different kind of ring there. >> i just can't wait to see mike tyson at the tonys. he's going to be a big hit. get lots of awards for his performance. going to be something really, really nice out there. doing nice stuff. >> you do so many good impressions. >> i appreciate that. thank you kindly. we do get to serious news. >>> a big interview last night. george zimmerman says the events that unfolded the night he killed trayvon martin were part of what he says is god's plan. the former neighborhood watchman tells fox news he would not do anything differently that night. >> this is the first time zimmerman has spoken publicly about the shooting. he says he was not following m
that development throughout the morning. >>> former president george w. bush used a rare interview to talk in depth about his post-presidential life. mr. bush told a think tank in dallas he would much rather focus on policy as opposed to politics. he called his eight years in the white house awesome and says he has no desire for fame or power anymore. >> i crawled out of the swamp, and i'm not crawling back in. and, you know, i'm interested in politics. i'm a serpt of mitt rsupporter romney. i hope he does well, but he doon well without me. >> the former president also said he wished his namesake tax cuts were no longer called the bush tax cuts. if they were anyone else's tax cuts there wouldn't be a debate about whether to let them expire. >>> as for the presidential race, mitt romney's campaign could be making an announcement any time now about the candidate's running mate. it's antrategic political decision. abc's jonathan karl reports on romney's new short list. >> reporter: who is he going to pick? that was the question to mitt romney again today. this time from a voter who wants a tea partier
, but at this point in george w. bush's first term even more jobs were lost. accurate or not you will see more and more ad like those because the campaigns both of them are convinced they're working. jonathan carl, abc news, washington. >>> we had this discussion, too, people hate to see the negative ads. get bombarded in the swing states. you see them because they work and are effective here. a tough stat, 63% think the country headed in the wrong direction. the president taking a big hit in the poll, health care, immigration. two issues, the supreme court ruled on. amazingly despite all that, still a dead heat. >> i know. and i think what's significant to me at least you have these campaign ad and some of the allegations are not true. they're false. what about the fact checking. isn't that irresponsible? >> it is. but, people -- that's why it is important for the media and, politico, hold on, do the fact checks. pay attention to those reports more than the ad themselves. that's where you will get -- no matter what side you are on, some of the truth, the real truth really comes
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)